Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Gotcha" Day

This woman's post about "Gotcha" Day has me thinking about the subject today.

"Gotcha" Day is one term people in the adoption community use when celebrating the day when children are united with their adoptive parents. A teacher friend of mine was recently talking about a former student who used to bring in cupcakes every year to celebrate her "Gotcha" Day. I think it's such a great idea to make it a day of family celebration each year and commemorate the date on which children joined the family. I definitely plan on doing something similar and making it an annual family tradition to celebrate.

I tend to agree, however, with the woman who wrote the post I just linked: the word "gotcha" doesn't have good connotations for me. It makes me think of playing a practical joke on someone at best, snatching and stealing children at worst. I certainly don't like that! Around here, the anniversaries of our children's adoptions will most likely be called "Family Day" since what we want to commemorate is the special day that they became a part of our family.

News of our adoption: is no news at this point. Most of the families from our agency who received referrals last month have recently been given court dates for mid-November, meaning they'll most likely be able to travel to bring their kids home sometime in December or early January. I'm operating on a theory right now that all of the children currently in the orphanage have already been matched with families and are waiting to be taken home. Until that happens, there won't be space for new children from the satellite orphanages to be brought into Addis Ababa for medical testing and be matched with families. So... we very well might have to wait until the other families travel before we get matched (again, December or January). Sigh. I'm trying to remind myself that this scenario would give us a little extra time to save up some more money and would allow my maternity leave to be timed so that I wouldn't have to go back to school for very long before the end of the school year. Mainly though, I wish someone could just give me a date. Even if I were told that we won't have our kids home until say, May 10th, I think I would be okay. I could plan my schedule, know what I can and cannot commit to in the spring, and then chill the heck out. It may look as though I'm just lying around the house and/or pacing around the house, but really this waiting stuff is very hard work.

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