Sunday, October 28, 2007

At Least I've Never Done That!

My school hosted an alumni open house today and I had a chance to talk to many older people who graduated more than 60 years ago. I heard a lot of crap about "kids these days" and received more than enough feedback about the arrangement of my classroom (I have discussion centers, beanbags, and yoga balls) and why it must contribute to a lack of classroom discipline. I enjoyed talking to everyone and hearing about what the school was like back in the days when the average classroom had 60 students. Several of the older women had brought along pictures of their own classes at that time. Wow. If I had 60 students to manage, I would be a mean, crabby, nun-style teacher too.

However... I'd like to think I wouldn't smack a kid's head into the blackboard causing him to have a brain aneurysm and die. And then get away with it because it was all in the name of classroom discipline. When the little old ladies told me that story about an incident at another local school 70 years I feel bad when I raise my voice and feel like hitting students.

So anyway, that was the most unique part of my weekend. Yesterday was rainy and cold here - perfect for hunkering down and spending a peaceful day hanging around the house. Paul and I took Stella on a long walk today in the sunshine and autumn leaves. I washed the floor... really nothing to write home about, but quiet weekends like this tend to be my favorite.

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