Monday, June 26, 2017

Tiruye's Birthday Plans

My birthday is coming soon. For breakfast I want real chocolate chip muffins. For lunch we are going to go to IHOP. For a snack we will have real chocolate smoothies. For dinner we will go out for dinner which is Chik-fil-A. I will want friends over at home, and for dessert we will get ice cream with whipped cream and M&M sprinkles, and cherry on top. The ice cream will be chocolate. Mama and I will stay up for a little bit and nobody else is allowed to watch the cooking show with us. I will wear my new crown with my new wand that I will be holding and pretending to do magic in a magic show. We will go to the zoo. We will be able to play on the playground near the chimpanzees and monkeys. I want to go to the store with Mama to buy things.

Tegegn Goes to Farm Camp

I  went to farm camp. I had fun at farm camp. I saw horses. I held chicks. We saw turtles. I made a Captain America shield at home.
Atticus's Robotics

At Robotics I made a robot that had to pick up gears, balls, and climb a rope. 
This is a list of ways to get points: You can score points with balls by scoring in the high goal. The high goal is like 3 feet high. It's worth 3 points. The low goal is 3 inches off the ground. It's worth 1 point. You can score points with gears by putting a gear on a peg with your robot that's worth 15 points. At climb time, you have to have your robot climb a rope that's worth 15 points. My mentor was Magoo. He is nice and funny! I had a great time I got first place.